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Grow and develop

To build strong churches we need strong leaders; we need to help new believers grow in their faith; and we need to stay charged ourselves. Here are some resources to grow and develop your church.


Living & Giving God's Dream

A ready to use curriculum to build volunteer and staff leaders in your church.
- $9.95 each for 1-99 books
- $8.95 each for 100 books and up


A New You

A practical book to help new believers in your church get off to a great start in their relationship with Jesus.
- $4.95 each for 1-99 books
- $3.95 each for 100 books and up


Espresso for the Spirit

Daily motivation and inspirationto help you and your team stay focused, energized and at your best for the Kingdom.
- $25 for each set of 3 books


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